Shankharapur, Chapakobot, Nanglebhare, Kathmandu



Goat House Management

The goat house is also commonly in Nepal known as “Bakra Khor” . While constructing a goat house, it should be made keeping in mind that there is no smell. The place where the goats live should be kept clean and warm. It helps to keep goat healthy In order to prevent the production urine and feces should be managed every day. The goat house should be cleaned so that flies do not infest it because flies are indicator of dirt.
It is best to have a separate house where goats staying at night and staying in the afternoon. The house where goats live at night should be as mentioned above. It should be ensured that the sun hit the house but not the wind where the goats live in the afternoon. It is best to feed the goat in the goat pit if it is made of fiber. Don’t make it from a tin or a tin plates. Fiber-based pit is durable. Tin is not considered s durable and is also risky for goats.