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About Us


Uprety Boer Goat Resource Farm

Uprety Boer Goat Resource Farm is operated by Uprety Agro Business Pvt. Ltd. The journey of this resource center started in 2075 BS. Since its inception, there has been a lot of ups and downs. The Farm has learnt from past experience that even a small mistake can lead to a lot of friction. For example, the center has experience of feeding directly green grass and placing the goats brought from outside in the herd without keeping them in 10 days quarantine. The farm has reached here with encountering various ups and down. These all are assets of farm, which would help us in our business growth. This resource center is determined to achieve its goal by considering the vision, mission and values mentioned in this website as a guiding principle.

Our Values

Transparency, quality and customer satisfaction are key pillars of our values.

Our Vision

Building a prosperous society through the production and providing of superior breeds of goats.

Our Mission

Building the superior breed of goats as core competence of the nation.

Message From Founder

There is a media report that Nepal imports more than 50,000 goats annually. It reveals that Nepal has huge potential of goat market. Nepali goat production does not meet demand of goat in Nepal. Deficit of goat production in Nepal occurs because of lacking superior breed and professional knowledge. These two pains have to overcome by establishing a goat-breeding farm. Huge number of importing goats also contributes to the increase in Nepal's foreign trade deficit. Our journey to prosperity has made to commence of journey because of lacking superior breed and increasing foreign trade deficit in Nepal. Hence, we have set up the Boer Goat Resource Farm to contribute to shortening the journey of prosperity. This resource center produces and expands goats of superior breeds. This farm is committed to the production of superior breeds of goat and high-nutrient grasses. The grasses helps to grow faster your herds and business growth.

-Tika Ram Rai

Message From Founder