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Boer Goat

Boer goat is actually a meat goat breed from South Africa. Although today, it is available in almost all countries around the world. Boer goats are generally larger in size and they are very good and suitable for meat production purpose.

Boer goats have very fast growth rate and they reach slaughtering size much faster. The meat of these goats is of very good taste and also very nutritious. The boer goats have a very high fertility rate as compared to many other common goat breeds.

Average body weight of the mature boer bucks is between 110 and 135 kg. And on average can weight around 90-100 kg. The boer bucks are also often used for breeding purpose for improving the quality of other low-quality goat breeds. The boer goats are much larger sized animals as compared to many other common goat breeds.

Boer goats are just like many other goats, and they consume the same food as other domestic goat breeds. But as they are meat goats and have faster growth rate, so they generally require more nutritious foods than other goats. They generally love to eat leaves, green grasses and grains.

Boer goats are excellent breeders, and their fertility rate is very good. As a result, most of the goat farmers prefer purebred boer goats for breeding purpose. Crossbreeding of boer goat with other relatively low-quality goat breeds is also produce high quality and very productive kids.

As a very fast-growing breed, the boer goats generally require special caring. Especially the breeding bucks and does require special caring. Always try to take good care of your animal and try to keep them happy. And they will produce highly and make you happy. Good luck & may God bless you!

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